CustomizeD Meals

* Our food consists the best ingredients from our garden or local farmers. Meals are nutritious, balanced, and tailorable to your specific diet: vegan, keto, vegetarian, etc.

* Meal weight is approx. 500-600g: 150-200g of protein, carbs, & vegetables. Want more protein? Click on the 300g option.

We offer different meals plans that can be tailored to dietary needs for those looking for the easiest and most convenient way to order.

How it works

1) Subscribe and order your nutrient-rich, eco-friendly products, and tailored meals.
2) Select your delivery based on location.
3) We deliver your order straight to your door. Payments can be made with Bancolombia transfers or cash can be left in an envelope with the portero.

 ***We do not accept orders through Whatsapp: please order through the online store. 


Delivery to Medellin is between 12-5.
Thursday: ORIENTE.

Cutoff for prepared meals is 5pm the day before desired delivery. 

Our delivery fee is 10.000. FREE pick-up at 20Mission Cerveza on WED/FRI.

We look forward to having more deliveries in the city when we open a location in Medellin.

Food Facts

Have questions, check our FAQ page, we might have the answer already. 

For more information about health and our food, our Blog offers insights into fermented foods and other benefits to the products we offer.
Have dietary needs or requests? Laura, our nutritionist, would be happy to work with you to design your own Verve Sano meal plan.

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VERVE: the spirit and enthusiasm animating artistic composition or performance : VIVACITY, ENERGYVITALITY