Fermented Drink Sampler

Fermented Drink Sampler

An easy way to sample our fermented beverages and get a taste for what you like. All are low in sugar, filled with probiotics, and great for digestion.

Consists of 4 300ml bottles:
One Flor de Jamaica Kombucha
One Black Tea Kombucha
One Gingerbeer
One Ginger-Maca-Turmeric

Our Fermented Cocktail Bundle (ask if available)
Dark'n'Stormy: Fermented Gingerbeer w/Rum & a lime wedge
G'N'GMT: Fermented Ginger-Maca-Turmeric Soda w/Gin
Tea-quila: Flor De Jamaica Kombucha with Tequila & our Habanero Infused Salt
Kombucha-Mule: Ginger Black Tea Kombucha w/Vodka & a lime wedge


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