The "Nomad" Meal Plan

The "Nomad" Meal Plan

This plan is perfect for someone working in the city looking for an easy and convenient way to add wholesome option to your diet while eliminating the stress of ordering and waiting for healthy food throughout the week. 

What it includes:
2 Prepared Meals (one of each of the week's meals)

One Soup

One small Salad

Fermented Drink Combo (300ml): ginger-maca-turmeric and ginger beer fermented sodas, one of each flavor kombucha.

One 500ml Dip (rotates each week): Hummus, Babaganoush, or Restaurant Salsa

***These correspond to the weekly menu on the site.
1. Green Goddess Kale Salad: roasted squash, red onion, Cranberries, candied sunflower seeds and a green goddess salad dressing. Add ons: Estana Feta Cheese, Roasted Chicken Breast.
2. Stewed Jerk Chicken w/Rice: Chicken is rubbed down in Nicole's Jerk spice mix, browned, and braised slowly until tender. Served over brown rice or cauliflower rice.
3. Mediterranean Braised Beef or Cauliflower Bowl: Quinoa, Chickpea Tabouli Salad. Our Beef is braised for hours in a tomato sauce with Mediterranean herbs. It is then pulled and served over quinoa. Tabouli is traditionally a parsely heavy tomato and cucumber salad: ours includes chickpeas for texture. Add ons: 250ml babaganoush or hummus.​​​​​​​
4. Asian Chicken & Portobello Lemongrass & Ginger Soup with Vermicelli Noodles: A steaming bowl of Thai Chicken Noodle Soup infused with lemongrass and ginger, sautéed carrots, broccoli, portobellos and shredded chicken. A healthy, low fat, gluten-free meal served in 1 Liter Portions.