The "Busy Person" Meal Plan (2 Meals)

The "Busy Person" Meal Plan (2 Meals)

This plan is a great way to eat balanced throughout the week. It is designed to be a balanced and convenient way to add probiotics to your diet while eliminating the stress of eating healthy throughout the week. Double it and receive 2 deliveries-Wed & Friday.
What it includes:
2 Prepared Meals (one of each of the week's meals)

One Soup

One small Salad

Kombucha (liter)

Dip Bundle Combo (250ml): Hummus, Babaganoush, Restaurant Salsa

One pulled meat, rotates each order. (Pulled chicken or pork)

***These correspond to the weekly menu on the site.
1. Kale Salad: pickled beets, roasted carrot, Red Onion, Kombucha Vinaigrette
2. Stewed Jerk Chicken w/Rice: Chicken is rubbed down in Nicole's Jerk spice mix, browned, and braised slowly until tender. Served over brown rice or cauliflower rice.
3. Mediterranean Braised Beef or Cauliflower Bowl: Quinoa, Chickpea Tabouli Salad. Our Beef is braised for hours in a tomato sauce with Mediterranean herbs. It is then pulled and served over quinoa. Tabouli is traditionally a parsely heavy tomato and cucumber salad: ours includes chickpeas for texture. Add ons: 250ml babaganoush or hummus.
4. Broccoli & Cauliflower Emmental Soup. A healthy, low fat, gluten-free meal served in 1 Liter Portions.