The Jackson Meal Plan

The Jackson Meal Plan

This plan is a perfect intro into what Verve Sano offers. A meal plan designed to be a balanced and convenient way to add probiotics to your diet while eliminating the stress of eating healthy throughout the week. 
What it includes:
2 Prepared Meals (one of each of the week's meals)

One Soup

One small Salad

Fermented Drink Combo (300ml): ginger-maca-turmeric and ginger beer fermented sodas, one of each flavor kombucha.

Dip Bundle Combo (250ml): Hummus, Babaganoush, Restaurant Salsa

One pulled meat, rotates each order. (Pulled chicken or pork)
***These correspond to the weekly menu on the site.

~Creamy Pesto Pasta- Chicken or Vegetarian
~Pork Or Vegetable-Chickpea Vindaloo.
-Soup of the week: Split Pea and Ham (Chicken Bone Broth) or Split Pea & Vegetable (Vegan)
-Salad Box: Kale, Greer Dressing, toasted sunflower seeds and cherry tomatoes/cucumbers.

    Protein Size

    VERVE: the spirit and enthusiasm animating artistic composition or performance : VIVACITY, ENERGYVITALITY